Permanent residence certificate and loss of this document

Once permanent residence has been granted, a permanent residence certificate is issued by the head office of the South African Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria. From there, it is sent on to the regional offices of the department to be handed out to the applicant, who is required to sign for the receipt of his/her certificate. This original permanent residence certificate should be kept in a very safe place! (It may also be advisable to laminate it, to protect it from any possible damage.) If the certificate is lost, whether it is your own fault or not, it cannot be re-issued. However, the permanent residence holder can apply to be issued with a confirmation letter from the authorities, which acknowledges the status and replaces the certificate.

The permanent residence certificate (or confirmation letter) must be produced for the authorities when renewing your ‘permanent residence stamp’ in your passport (i.e. when you receive a new passport and your status needs to be endorsed). It is not sufficient to only show the old passport, even if together with your ID-Book.

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