Status, rights, duties + obligations of a permanent residence holder

When a foreigner is granted permanent residence status in South Africa, he/she is given certain rights but also duties and obligations, to which he/she must oblige. Some of these obligations depend on the category within which the application was made, and are usually to be fulfilled three or five years from the date the permit was issued. These obligations are marked as a ‘condition’ on the permanent residence certificate (see permanent residence certificate + loss of this document).

Other duties are more general and apply to every permanent residence holder, i.e. that the holder of the permit must apply for a South African driving license within one year of issuance of the permit.

With permanent residence status, the holder of the permit has most of the rights of a South African citizen. Some rights apply to South African citizens only, i.e. the right to vote in South Africa or to apply for a South African passport.

If you are unsure of your rights, the conditions of your permanent residence certificate or how to organise the required documents, please contact us directly for assistance.