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Cape Town-based STARZMANN CONSULTING is a young and dynamic consultancy firm focusing on fully bi-lingual (English/German) immigration services and legal advice. This is applicable to private individuals and companies, and includes every aspect of both immigration and relocation to South Africa.

Additionally, we cover all our clients legal matters, which we either deal with ourselves or though our partners.

Working closely with local authorities, as well as with the authorities in the home countries of our clients, we can confidently offer our expertise in all immigration matters. During the past years, we have built a strong network of carefully selected experts that are equipped to cover all areas of immigration and relocation to South Africa - ranging from shipping companies, tax and finance consultants, legal consultants, and property advisors to schools and recruitment agencies.

Our aim is to guide you every step of the way: from assisting you to choose the right residence permit, to helping you prepare everything for your arrival at your new home in South Africa.

Immigrating and relocating to a new country, never mind to a new continent, is quite a complex project for any of us - no matter whether the reason behind our decision is work-related, to explore this beautiful country or simply love.

Having taken this step ourselves, we are fully aware of the implications and possible difficulties of such a life-altering decision. Therefore, we would like to offer you - by means of our our own experience - all the support and advice you will need from day one of your adventure. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly for you.

We also offer our services to foreigners who are already in South Africa and require assistance in changing an existing residence permit, as well as with solving issues relating to a pending application for a residence permit.